Are your Managers and Supervisors Trained?

A significant component of preparing for any lawsuit is anticipating a claim before it occurs. Your business needs thoroughly trained professionals to address employee issues as they arise, including those that involve proper workplace conduct, grievance and complaint procedures, and federal and state laws governing discrimination and harassment. Arizona businesses must have comprehensive policies and training programs in place to be best protected. Your supervisors, managers, and human resources professionals are your first and best line of defense to avoid costly and damaging employment law litigation. Our employment law attorneys at Murphy Cordier Casale Axel PLC stress preventive and proactive strategies with managers and human resource staff members to decrease potential liability and business losses for employers.

Is your Workforce Property Trained?

Staff training on current legal issues in the workplace environment, such as discrimination or harassment, help your organization stay informed and prepared for problems that can negatively impact the performance of individual employees and your organization. Murphy Cordier Casale Axel PLC can provide and present training customized for you and your staff. An educated workforce can help your business avoid potential pitfalls by recognizing and avoiding employment law issues as they arise during the daily operation of your business. Arm your staff with knowledge and you and your business will directly benefit from the effort. We can help.