Real estate transactions and real estate disputes are complex and time-consuming. The experienced real estate attorneys at Murphy Cordier Casale Axel PLC will help you with all aspects of your issue, whether it is buying or selling a home or commercial property in Arizona or attempting to settle an issue with a tenant, landlord, or property owner.

Real estate and property law can be complex because it can include all sorts of issues in a variety of disciplines, such as environmental, torts, regulatory, contracts, taxation, finance, and construction law aspects. Question can arise that need to be answered by an experienced real estate attorney—such as easements, foreclosure procedures, premises liability, property taxes, insurance coverage, and many others. With such an important expense, you must be certain that you understand your rights and discuss them thoroughly with a real estate lawyer like those at Murphy Cordier Casale Axel PLC. Your decisions with a property transaction or dispute can have long-term ramifications that affect your business, as well as your relationship with tenants and neighbors, your investments and finances, and your family.

Purchasing Real Estate

A home purchase or the purchase of commercial property is a major financial transaction. There are issues that can arise at all stages of the transaction. As a result, it is critical to be protected before signing any documents. Make sure you aware of the answers to potentially negative consequences caused by the following:

  • Zoning violation issues with the property;
  • Current or past environmental hazards on the property;
  • Covenants, easements or other types of restrictions on the property that limit its use;
  • Changes to mortgage terms and conditions;
  • Potential title issues;
  • Accurate property valuation; and
  • Real estate taxes.

Our clients know that they are informed and protected from these types of issues by discussing their real estate transaction or issue with the real estate lawyers at Murphy Cordier Casale Axel PLC.

Why Should I Hire a Real Estate Lawyer?

Regardless of the type of real estate transaction or the severity of the property dispute, a real estate lawyer from Murphy Cordier Casale Axel PLC will be a worthwhile resource to work with the many people who are involved at every stage of a transaction or dispute. With all the individuals and offices involved—such as the county assessor, title agents, lenders, underwriters, and inspectors to name just a few—any one of them can make a mistake, lose a document, or create a delay that could end up costing you time and money, not to mention the property itself.