The firm also provides businesses with an array of legal services, including representing employers in employment and civil rights matters in state, federal and administrative proceedings, and in protecting their intellectual property, including copyright, trademark and trade secret matters.

Arizona Construction Law

Contract disputes frequently are a part of the construction process. Disagreements arise over contract terms and party obligations. Construction attorneys like our experienced practitioners at Murphy Cordier Casale Axel PLC provide clients with sound practical legal advice to help them effectively work in the construction industry.

Business & Commercial Law

Murphy Cordier Casale Axel PLC provides comprehensive business law representation. We possess extensive experience guiding owners and other participants through every phase of their businesses. We are dedicated to protecting our clients’ rights and preserving their business interests.

Commercial Construction

In the construction industries, companies need to always be aware of the potential for commercial construction defect claims. These lawsuits can hamper a company’s ability to work effectively, and can tie up resources for months or even years. This can disable a construction business that is working on numerous projects, such as single-family homes, apartments, office buildings, and other commercial and industrial structures.

Creditor's Rights

When a creditor receives a bankruptcy notice, the company may just write off the debt and try to move on with other paying tenants and clients. In many instances, creditors don’t understand that they have rights and legal options as to their claim against the debtor.

Employment Law

The workplace is fraught with potential legal claims, numerous reporting requirements and many regulations to follow. Do you know what is required of you as an Arizona employer? The workplace is fraught with potential legal claims, numerous reporting requirements and many regulations to follow.

General Litigation

Our team of experienced litigation attorneys—also called litigators and trial lawyers—provide skilled and experienced legal counsel in our representation of clients in a wide variety of litigation matters including business, construction, real estate, hospitality, intellectual property, and employment law.


Arizona’s economy depends on its tourism. Arizona’s thriving hospitality businesses consistently keep our state as one of the top vacation destinations worldwide as well as a premier venue for our nation’s best sporting events. Arizona depends on this lucrative business segment.

Intellectual Property

Property owners are given certain rights and protections from our laws. Intellectual property is one type of property that comes from mental labor and creativity. Intellectual property rights and protections for owners of intellectual property are provided by federal patent, trademark, and copyright laws, as well as Arizona state trade secret laws.

Mediation & Arbitration

In many instances, disputes between parties will work out their differences by a discussion. If that fails, the parties may head to court. However, there are some options to resolve the issue before spending the time and money to go through litigation. Mediation, arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution are terms that many Arizonans have heard, but only a few are likely to understand exactly what they are and the difference between them.

Real Estate

Real estate transactions and real estate disputes are complex and time-consuming. The experienced real estate attorneys at Murphy Cordier Casale Axel PLC will help you with all aspects of your issue, whether it is buying or selling a home or commercial property in Arizona or attempting to settle an issue with a tenant, landlord, or property owner.


Surety contracts play an important role in the construction industry, providing project owners with guarantees over performance, payment and other elements. The attorneys at Murphy Cordier Casale Axel PLC represent clients in establishing, enforcing and defending against surety bonds.