The business or commercial dealings of a company are what keep the business thriving and spur its growth. Making sound agreements and effectively resolving disputes are how we help our business clients to focus on running and expanding their businesses.

Arizona has adopted the Articles of the Uniform Commercial Code (“UCC”), which is a model law adopted across the country. The commercial transactions and UCC lawyers at Murphy Cordier Casale Axel PLC represent our clients in a variety of business transactions covered by the UCC. This includes working with them in drafting and structuring commercial agreements, such as leases, and representing them in court proceedings concerning disputes with other parties about such transactions.

Skilled in Commercial and Real Estate Law

Our commercial lease practice encompasses all aspects of the contract process. This entails negotiating lease terms, square footage calculations, construction, credits, and build-outs. We prepare lease and loan documents, handle property tax issues, and work with financial institutions, engineers, and architects to create a smooth process for the leasing of commercial properties to tenants.


We handle disputes involving landlord and tenants over rent, subleasing, assignments, lease termination, improvements, holdovers, lease renewals, maintenance, and lease defaults. We represent clients who are property owners, property managers, and commercial tenants. Our skilled attorneys help our clients with commercial lease remedies, including evictions, lockouts, and personal property foreclosures.