Murphy Cordier Casale Axel PLC provides a host of professional legal services to our commercial leasing owner and tenant clients. We assist our clients with transactions involving investment properties, commercial office rental space, industrial locations, including drafting and review of commercial leases to addressing issues of negotiating lease agreements, taxation matters, and termination of tenants.

Significant Lease Terms

The commercial lease attorneys at Murphy Cordier Casale Axel PLC are experienced with drafting, reviewing, and negotiating commercial leases. They will be certain that items such as these are addressed in clients’ commercial leases:

  • Length of the lease or the “lease term;”
  • Renewal options;
  • Rent escalations or increases;
  • The formula for calculating rent increases;
  • Insurance, property tax, and maintenance costs;
  • Security deposit and return conditions;
  • Rental space and common area measurements;
  • Improvements, modifications (“build outs”), or fixtures that will be added to the space (and who will pay for them and who owns them at lease end);
  • Signage;
  • Maintenance;
  • Lease assignments and sublets;
  • Lease termination, notice requirements, and early termination penalties; and
  • Mediation or arbitration requirements.

Murphy Cordier Casale Axel PLC commercial leasing attorneys ask and resolve key issues in commercial leases, looking for traps that can make for added expense, and then negotiate the terms to protect our clients and to be certain that their interests are protected.

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