At Murphy Cordier Casale Axel PLC, we know that disputes between a landlord and commercial tenant can have a significant impact on business.

Commercial Lease Disputes

In many instances, an issue will arise concerning the lease. Each party’s rights and obligations under the contract may be called into question. When these questions can’t be answered, a breach of contract suit may be initiated by either the tenant or the landlord.

A problem—and potential lawsuit—can include issues with rent, lease termination, the condition of property, a breach of a covenant, failure to complete a transaction, or misrepresentation by one of the parties. Our experienced attorneys will help you find a solution that allows you to focus on your business operations and not debt collection.

Resolution of lease disputes between a commercial landlord and tenant is one area of law that we provide to our clients. In addition, we work on disputes that occur between a landlord and its lender, creating workouts to help resolve this type of matter. Our knowledgeable landlord/tenant attorneys will analyze the consequences of a foreclosure and/or bankruptcy by one or both parties, along with the kinds of security strategies that can be implemented.


Defaults on a commercial lease may arise when there are rising vacancy rates and declining rents. This can involve dealing with prior defaults, the right to cure by the landlord and lender, as well as offset rights. Our attorneys examine and represent our clients’ interests in interpreting the default provisions and what constitutes default.

Our commercial real estate attorneys can address all the diverse types of disputes that arise between commercial landlords and tenants, as well as their lenders. We look at both the legal and practical considerations to resolve these disputes satisfactorily.

Commercial Lease Contracts

In addition to resolution of commercial landlord/tenant disputes, we assist our clients with new business models and innovative agreements for the commercial real estate market in the Phoenix area. Examples of this work includes the expansion and reduction of leased premises, the exercising of lease options, space givebacks, and issues with signage. We also work with landlords and tenants on issues concerning lease assignments and subletting, mid-term terminations, renewals, and fair market value determinations.

Murphy Cordier Casale Axel PLC represents clients involved in Arizona’s real estate, construction and other industries. The firm’s lawyers provide legal and practical advice to help clients navigate the peaks and valleys of Arizona’s business, real estate and construction markets.

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